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Business Solutions

You have the vision, we can help deliver it...
Security & Compliance

Comtech has vast experience in delivering efficient and effective solutions for information and physical security.


Access Control & Identification

Cyber Security

PCI Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

Network Intrusion & Penetration Testing


Financial Services & eCommerce


Comtech has its roots in financial services.  From transactional backend accounting and ERP systems, to mobile enabled e-commerce applications, we can help you design a solution, deploy a platform and meet your business goals.



Comtech can launch your practice on an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) with document management technology that automatically converts charts into a new paperless environment, rapidly cutting costs and improving workflow in physician practices. 


Do you understand Meaningful Use ?  Are you eligible for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program ?  Comtech can coach your team through this complex and confusing space...

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